Today in Cleantech

After news came out Monday morning that Intel was planning to integrate an energy efficient fabric directly into its future chip line, AMD owned SeaMicro returned the favor in the afternoon by launching a server that can be linked to a massive 5-petabyte storage cluster for big data cloud computing. What’s new in this server build is that the proprietary fabric, which SeaMicro developed after tens of millions of R&D, has been extended outside of the server chassis to connect 1,408 hard drives in a cluster. What’s driving the move is the reality that in cloud computing storing lots of data and accessing it quickly is essential (consider how millions of Facebook users do the same application tasks each second but must access billions of different files unique to each of them). Fabrics link CPUs and storage, and have become an important part of distributed, parallel computing. They are essential to reducing the power use of key cloud players like Facebook, Google and Amazon. SeaMicro CEO Andrew Feldman continues to believe that he can license his fabric tech to OEMs like HP and Dell.

Plexxi wants to put data center networks on a high fiber diet

Networking is the current big bottleneck in scale out and virtualized data centers. It’s also the hottest hardware area around with startups creating fabrics, controllers and alternatives to the current networking regimes in place. Now we can add Plexxi Networks Inc. to that list.