Magisto raises $5.5M to magically edit your videos

Cloud video editing startup Magisto is coming to market with a new service that will take raw video files and make them worth sharing with friends and posting on Facebook. The company is also announcing $5.5 million in financing from Horizons Ventures and Magma Venture Partners.

Hulu-Facebook integration returns. But will users connect?

Hulu has once again rolled out its Facebook Connect capability, enabling users to easily share what they’re viewing on the online video site with their friends on Facebook. But after the botched initial launch, will users be willing to merge their accounts?

Hulu halts Facebook Connect after exposing user data

Hulu’s Facebook Connect integration apparently isn’t going as well as planned. The feature has been pulled offline after people reported having issues with the sign-in process earlier today, with some being exposed to other users’ account data in the process.

Hulu adds social features with Facebook Connect

Hulu is getting a lot more social with new features based on Facebook Connect. Users will now be able to log into the service with their Facebook account, comment on specific moments in a show they are watching, interact with friends and discover new content.

Meet Copious, the eBay for a social world

In the web’s most popular marketplaces, such as eBay and Craigslist, anonymity is still the norm. A new San Francisco-based startup called Copious is looking to change that. Copious has built an online marketplace in which all buyers and sellers are linked to their Facebook identities.

PunchTab Wants to Be a Blogger’s Best Friend

Here on the internet, just because you build it, it doesn’t mean anyone will actually come. Or click on a link. Or leave a comment. Or become a Facebook fan.YouSendIt co-founder Ranjith Kumaran wants to change all that with his loyalty-marketing startup, PunchTab.

Meet Facebook, the Web’s Social Entertainment Operating System

When Cisco all but confirmed it had shut down an ambitiously named Entertainment Operating System, I suspect some folks at Facebook may have chuckled to themselves. After all, Facebook may have designs on becoming for real what the Cisco product was only in name.

My Web Without Facebook Connect

How important is Facebook? Very, and not in ways you and I realize. Sure you can see status updates and photos of your friends. What really is indispensable about Facbeook — its ability to glue the web together. I found that out the hardway.