DataSift now gulps two years from the Twitter firehose

The new DataSift Historics can examine Twitter feeds going back two years — something that consumer product and other companies might find very useful in their product design, pricing and promotion decisions. The service will be available in April.

Karma lets you send gifts by phone to Facebook friends

A new app from the founders of Tapjoy is emerging to combine mobile and social commerce on iOS and Android devices. The app, called Karma, makes gifting to friends a breeze, by integrating with a user’s social graph on Facebook and suggesting gifts for them.

Scott McNealy’s Wayin nets $14M in Series B funding

Wayin, the social networking startup launched by Sun Microsystems co-founder Scott McNealy, just closed $14 million in Series B financing, bringing its total backing to $20 million. U.S. Venture Partners led the round and USVP partner Rick Lewis is joining the board of the Denver-based company.

AT&T’s mad, mad plan to charge wireless app developers

AT&T doesn’t give up on trying to monetize its pipes, and thanks to a lack of network neutrality on wireless networks, limited data plans, and a hunger for bandwidth-consuming mobile apps, it may have found a way to charge developers to use its pipes.

John Chambers on the future of Cisco

Cisco hit the skids 18 months ago which led to a restructuring that was completed in record time. Now Cisco is ready to roll again, and to celebrate, CEO John Chambers discussed the company’s future. Here are 3 key takeaways.

Is the honeymoon over for Facebook gaming?

By the end of 2010, about 50 percent of all Facebook monthly active users were gamers. But that fell to about 25 percent in 2011, as Facebook aggressively added new users. The result is that game makers need to work harder to find and retain users.

DiData launches OpSource cloud services

Systems integrator Dimension Data bought OpSource for its cloud services in June, and is now unveiling the updated cloud offering under its brand. The updated services include a public compute-as-a-service cloud, a private version of same, as well as managed hosting and managed services.

Rapportive officially bought by LinkedIn

Contacts startup Rapportive has officially been acquired by LinkedIn, the company announced on its blog Wednesday. The deal follows weeks of speculation after rumors surfaced earlier this month. Rapportive will continue to support its popular Gmail plugin, but its acquisition could lead to greater integration with LinkedIn.

Tiny Review: Instagram + Yelp + Twitter FTW!

Tiny Review is a photo-sharing app with a twist: instead of adding filters and sharing with your social network a la Instagram, Tiny Review makes it easy for users to add up to three short lines of text to their photos.