For Evernote, 2011 was a year to remember

2011 has been all about personalized mobile apps, and Evernote has benefited handsomely: In the past 12 months, the personal note-taking software company grew its user base from 6 million to 20 million. GigaOM talked to CEO Phil Libin about the growth and Evernote’s 2012 outlook.

NORAD tracks Santa, QR gift tags & more holiday fun

Santa is about to bring us our presents, and kids big and small will once again be able to track him with their iOS and Android mobile phones. QR gift tags, personalized videos from Santa and Elf Yourself also help to geekify your holidays.

Can Italy’s Circleme outflank recommendation rivals?

Recommendations have become the holy grail of the social web, sparking competition between small services like Pinterest to Amen and large ones like Facebook and Google+. So how can Italian website Circleme elbow in on the action?

It’s time to punish terrible viral marketing

Social startup Allthis found itself under fire this week for a viral marketing approach many people found spammy and invasive. But heinous though it is, its behavior is just part of a trend among new services to appropriate our online identities to power themselves.

Buffer gets $400K funding — and tells exactly how they did it

Every day, it seems like there’s another bland press release about startup seed funding. So when Buffer closed on $400,000, it wanted to announce it differently — by explaining exactly how the process happened. It’s a fun read, and a good lesson for other startup founders.

Inside Facebook’s final Palo Alto Hackathon

This week, Facebook held its 28th official “Hackathon,” an all-night event where the only rule is that employees can’t work on their daytime projects. This was the company’s final Hackathon at its Palo Alto campus, and GigaOM has exclusive photos and video from inside the event.

No IPO Till 2012: Facebook Director, Peter Thiel

Despite a lot of talk about a Facebook initial public offering, early investor and director Peter Thiel says don’t count on it until 2012. Thiel, who was extremely critical of the regulatory environment when speaking to Fox Business about what comes next for technology.