You missed it: The Facebook phone is already here

It’s become clear in recent years that smartphones are going to be increasingly ubiquitous for the foreseeable future. And a recent study indicates that many people are using those devices to access Facebook more often than for, really, anything else.

Four Ways Facebook Can Conquer Mobile

Nearly one-third of Facebook’s 500 million-strong user base is using phones to engage with friends via the social network. Facebook ought to fulfill its potential in mobile, but the social network giant will need a more robust strategy than simply releasing a branded hardware device.

Carriers to Facebook Mobile: Get on a Data Diet

facebook-logo Facebook Mobile users are twice as active on the social network than web-only users and account for about a quarter of its entire user base. As a result, carriers have been asking Facebook to trim down the amount of data contained in its mobile web versions. Carriers “want the same service,” said Henri Moissinac, director of the company’s mobile unit, “but with less data.”
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Where Is Facebook 3.0 for the iPhone?


Facebook 3.0 for iPhone Screenshot courtesy of Facebook

Updated: On August 17, Facebook let us know that it had submitted the 3.0 version of its app to the Apple store.
Where is the newest version of Facebook’s iPhone 3.0 application? Being a fan of the app -– which I now use on my iPod Touch -– I was thrilled to hear that a new version with some snazzy new features was going to launch. After all, great as the current version might be, it still lacks certain features and could use a “user experience” facelift.  But now six weeks have gone by, and still nothing.
One of the main developers of the application, Joe Hewitt, said on July 1 that he was nearly finished building the application. “I can’t predict an exact date when I will submit to Apple, but I can say that I am about 98% done,” he wrote in the blog post.
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