MobileTechRoundup podcast 243

Joint Matt and Kevin as they return to the mobile tech podcast after a short summer break. Hands on thoughts with the HP TouchPad, myTouch 4G Slide, HTC Status Facebook phone and Nokia E6. Participate in the live show through the chat room!

HTC Facebook phone status: available July 17 on AT&T

The first handset with a dedicated Facebook button, aptly named the HTC Status arrives on AT&T’s network July 17. At $49 you won’t get a high-end handset with a peppy processor, but if simple Facebook sharing is your thing, the Status hits the right buttons.

Facebook Phones at MWC: HTC ChaCha and Salsa

Amid news of upcoming dedicated Facebook phones, HTC decided to pre-empt such devices by today introducing two new Android 2.3.3 handsets with a dedicated Facebook button. One tap and the phone will automatically share images, media or location, and Facebook is tightly integrated in HTC Sense.

Facebook Phone: All You Need To Know + New Details

Facebook is said to be building a new phone in tandem with INQ Mobile, a small handset maker that developed the first new phone. The phone will come to market next year. Here are some new details on the phone, and the features it will include.

iPod touch Now Outselling iPhone

It’s something that was easy to miss, but in talking up the user base for the iPad, Steve Jobs indirectly revealed what many following the company suspect. If the iPod touch has not already become Apple’s best-selling iPhone OS device, it soon will be.

Much to consternation of six-figure analysts, Apple doesn’t break out iPod sales, but there are hints. At the conference call for last quarter, it was stated that iPod touch sales for the quarter were up 55 percent year over year. That helped explain how iPod revenue was up by one percent from a year ago, even though total iPod units sold were down eight percent.

However, it was a remark from WWDC ’09 and the one from the iPad event that add up to the iPod touch now being the leading iPhone OS device. Read More about iPod touch Now Outselling iPhone

INQ’s Social Phone Rocks MWC

inq mobileINQ’s Facebook-oriented and web-centric budget phone that I love so much, INQ Social Mobile, has won some major kudos at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It was voted best mobile phone/device, beating out its much bigger and more established competitors such as Nokia (s nok) and Samsung. INQ’s win is proof that any upstart that dares to be different can carve out a niche in the billion-phones-a-year business.