How Facebook made it possible to geo-tag everything

It all seems so easy: You log into Facebook, update your status, tell everyone where you are and — voila! — your Timeline is geospatial. Only, while it’s just one extra step for you to add location, building that capability was a tad more complicated for Facebook.

Gowalla’s New Strategy: Embrace Enemies & Extend

Gowalla, a developer of a location-based social networking app, has adopted a bold strategy: embrace its archenemies and use them to extend reach. In a new version of its app, Gowalla is making it easy to follow friends check-ins to locations on Foursquare and Facebook Places.

If Voting is a Social Game, Will It Make Democracy Better?

Can social games help encourage people to vote, and also improve democracy? One candidate is hoping they can: Clayton Trotter, who is running for Congress in Texas, has used Facebook Places to create a social-election game in which citizens get points and badges for voting.

The Deal With Facebook Places & Privacy in English

Facebook launched last night a feature called Places that enables users to share their location. Before the launch event had even concluded, the ACLU of Northern California had fired off a missive about how the product fails to protect user privacy.