Blerp Adds a Social Network Layer Over the Entire Web

Blerp logoThe best way to describe Blerp, now in open beta, is a social network that looks like it’s swallowed the entire web. Once you create an account and log in, the network is represented in a frame around your browser display, so every web site is viewed within it. Blerpers can add comments and widgets (YouTube videos, star ratings, etc.) around the edges of any given site. What this gives you is a web browsing experience that’s socially annotated and shared from the ground up, in a way that seems markedly richer and more pervasive than other social networks and annotation sites. (The Blerp frame even comes with its own web address bar.) Read More about Blerp Adds a Social Network Layer Over the Entire Web

Venture Capital Loves Virtual

Startups selling virtual goods and offering virtual experiences are raking in the venture capital these days. Perhaps it’s the fact that virtual gifting hit the mainstream in 2007 or because people are worried about the impact of business travel on the environment, but the virtual world is beginning to get its share of real dollars.

In the first half of 2008, virtual worlds raised $345 million in venture investment, according to data from Virtual Worlds Management, a media company that covers the industry. And while it may be easy to dismiss the virtual economy as frivolous or scoff at the idea of attending a virtual trade show as useless, deriding the intangible misses a crucial point about today’s culture: A lot of it is happening online. Read More about Venture Capital Loves Virtual