J.K. Rowling’s new ebook: Literally unreadable

Fans who preordered the ebook edition of J.K. Rowling’s new book, “The Casual Vacancy,” are in for a disappointment today: Due to a file formatting mishap, It’s basically unreadable on e-readers.

3 Times Unlucky or the Start of a Larger Trend?

frustrationAfter using a MacBook Air as my primary laptop for nearly two years, a month ago I bought a new, 15.4-inch MacBook Pro, mostly because I wanted to watch more videos when on the go. I also wanted the larger screen and the comforts of a larger keyboard. Furthermore, the matte screen was an option.

This Sunday, just about five weeks after I acquired the MacBook Pro, the machine just froze on me. I restarted but got the blue screen of death. Yes, you read it right -– blue screen of death. I tried the usual tricks, such as running disk utilities and rebooting from the install DVD. Nothing worked –- so off I went to the Apple store to get it fixed.

The Genius Bar was running behind schedule, so I waited. I admired the $999 MacBook. I gushed over the new iMac and a few minutes later, I was talking to the Genius Guy. He basically looked at it and said that my hard disk was gone. I would have to send it back for repairs. I was crestfallen and angry. And for some odd reason, the Genius Bar guy decided to replace the machine. He said, sorry, but here you go — have a new machine! Once bitten twice shy, I ended up buying the Apple Care plan for about $350. And thank God I did. Read More about 3 Times Unlucky or the Start of a Larger Trend?

Time Capsule Memorial Web Site Launches, Shames Apple

Time Capsule MemorialEnterprising Apple (s aapl) customers unhappy with the inexplicable death of their Time Capsules have taken matters into their own hands and launched a dedicated web site to record and discuss their experiences. It’s called The Apple Time Capsule Memorial Register, and it’s hauntingly beautiful.

The site has been created to provide a central support hub for Time Capsule customers who have suffered the sudden death of their devices, but feel neglected or ignored by Apple, which has yet to acknowledge there’s even a problem.

It seems the main culprit in most cases of Time Capsule Death are fried capacitors. Users are reporting that the lack of adequate ventilation/cooling in the Time Capsules causes the capacitors to run very hot and, eventually, die. For affected customers, “eventually” turns out to be approximately 18 months. Read More about Time Capsule Memorial Web Site Launches, Shames Apple

Five More Apple Retail Flops

Fifth Avenue

As we discussed yesterday, there have been quite a few instances where Apple’s (s aapl) retail plans have been re-evaluated or changed to meet the needs of the business or traffic in the store. Without further ado, here’s the final installment of my Top 10 Apple Retail Flops. If you missed the first half, you can read it along with the great commentary here.

One to One

This service, originally called ProCare when it was launched many years ago, has evolved and evolved and evolved more times that we can count. Originally offering simple one hour personal training sessions on whatever a customer wanted, the service transitioned into more outline oriented topics, including generic Getting Started and Moviemaking Basics type sessions.
Customers were eventually limited to one appointment per week and were given a nice book to track all of their notes from the sessions. The cost of these notebooks were expensive and were eventually replaced by a series of cards containing the One to One curriculum. Read More about Five More Apple Retail Flops

Five Apple Retail Flops

Fifth Avenue

As Microsoft (s msft) proudly ventures into the retail world that has already seen quick entrances and exits by other vendors like Gateway and Dell (s dell), many Apple (s aapl) fans are looking towards the new Microsoft stores with mixed feelings.

Some of the more dedicated fanboys are quick to call Microsoft a copycat (and perhaps rightly so), but one thing that is certain is that retail is a tricky environment where you can quickly sink or swim. With Microsoft’s first retail stores right around the corner, I wanted to look at some instances in Apple’s retail history where it, for better or for worse, missed the mark. Read More about Five Apple Retail Flops