How to get your family photos onto your iPad

The iPad can make a great family photo album, provided it has your photos on it. This article will go over some of the best ways to put your favorite photos on to the iPad.

What Sheryl Sandberg shows us about the future of work

The profile of Sheryl Sandberg in the New Yorker this week purports to be about women in technology, but it’s also a glimpses into the evolving state of the workplace in an entrepreneurial and highly connected world -– the future of work for the professional class.

Dealing With a Spouse’s Layoff

Walking on the beachThis week, my husband was laid off for the second time in five years. This one hurts more than the first. At that time, I held a corporate job, so our health insurance and other benefits remained intact. But I became a full-time freelancer after he found a stable job with benefits. Now that’s all gone or won’t be around for long.
After I stopped reeling, it was time to start dealing. And deal I did — by taking these actions. Read More about Dealing With a Spouse’s Layoff