Holiday Geek Guide: For the Apple Fanatic in Your iLife

Know someone who already has everything they need from Apple? Someone so emphatically Apple-oriented that the words cult and fanboi aren’t strong enough descriptors? Then this list of quirky, unusual and downright werid picks is the gift guide for you.

How Much Is a Facebook Fan Really Worth?

Lots of companies want to have Facebook “fan” pages, where customers or would-be customers can become part of their online community. But what are those fans actually worth? A media measurement firm called Syncapse has come up with an actual dollar value in a new report.

How to Know a Good Fan on Facebook

It seem that many of us are so focused on our own presences in social networks that there is little talk about what we expect from our friends, fans and followers. My own company has been hyper-focused, however, on our clients’ FFFs, particularly “fans” on Facebook.

Joss Whedon Fans Jump the Gun

Perhaps still smarting from their precious Firefly being killed off so soon, Joss Whedon fans are already mobilizing to save his next show, Dollhousebefore the first episode airs.

The Underwire blog writes that rabid Whedonistas are activating, forming (which sounds like it’s for an entirely different kind of entertainment), organizing viewing parties of the trailer and encouraging people to buy the merchandise.

Not all fans are united though, as some fear all this nervous-nelly attention will create a backlash towards the show before it’s even begun. Networks like CBS are gun-shy of online fans after the resurrection of Jericho didn’t reinvigorate the ratings. More recently, the vampire drama Moonlight was unceremoniously sucked off air, despite Internet protests.