Babelgum Founder Arrested in Money Laundering Probe

UPDATE Babelgum founder Silvio Scaglia was taken into custody by Italian police last Friday. Law enforcement officials had issued a warrant for Scaglia’s arrest earlier last week as the result of a wide-scale money laundering investigation, and he is expected to be questioned as early as tomorrow, according to a BusinessWeek report.
Scaglia founded Babelgum in 2007 and has been single-handedly bankrolling the London-based video startup ever since. A Babegum spokesperson went to great lengths today to tell us that the investigation won’t have any negative impact on the company. “Babelgum’s business plan is fully funded for 2010 and beyond,” he said, without going into specifics. Still, the arrest isn’t exactly helping the startup that has been struggling to find its place in the online video world for some time.
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Jon Lajoie, Macs vs. PCs: NTV Station Today

Highlighting the conflict between operating systems isn’t anything super-new, but Goodie Bag’s Macs vs. PCs is a stunning bit of viral video, a West Side Story-esque dance battle that quickly gets ugly and bloody. A diverse cast, references to Steve Jobs’ signature wardrobe, and stellar songs and choreography make each beat a delight.

And today we also look at Jon Lajoie, a musically-gifted comedian who’s broken out online thanks to a passionate Canadian fanbase and support from Funny Or Die founders Adam McKay and Will Ferrell. Delve into his highly varied comedic stylings at NewTeeVee Station!

Vodafone Bulks Up On Broadband

[qi:064] Vodafone is adding Spain and Italy to a growing list of countries where it will be offering triple play services. London-based mobile services provider has acquired Spanish and Italian-assets of Tele2 for about $1.1 billion in cash, reports The Wall Street Journal.

It beat out competitors Tiscali and Fastweb in the bid for Tele2 assets. It already offers broadband service in UK, Portugal, Germany and Greece. Triple-play is part of CEO Arun Sarin’s Mobile Plus strategy that is necessary for the company to boost its revenues.

“What is clear to us is that mobility and broadband are the two core things that our company needs to participate in, ” Sarin said at a recent investor conference. (PDF Transcript.) “DSL is a local, country-by-country strategy. There is no one strategy for Europe, simply because the industry structure is very different, the regulatory structures are very different.”

The company is also looking at WiFi and Mesh WiFi as options as well, depending on locations, but one thing is clear – if Sarin continues on the current path of acquisitions, then Vodafone might emerge as a pan-European broadband supplier.