No, copyright is not the answer to revenge porn

The spread of revenge porn, which is used to terrorize women, has led some to hail copyright law as a magic bullet solution. It won’t work and could do more harm than good. There are better options.

FBI grabs $28 million of Dread Pirate Roberts’ Bitcoin booty – report

Yarrr, that must hurt. Forbes reports that the FBI has located a new stash of 144,000 Bitcoins, currently worth about $28.5M, that belongs to the Dread Pirate Roberts, the mastermind of the online criminal bazaar Silk Road. The agency took down the site three weeks ago, and charged the Dread Pirate (aka 29-year-old Texan, Ross Ulbricht) for plotting to torture and kill an employee he believed had betrayed him. The FBI appears to have moved the seized pirate booty to its own Bitcoin wallet, but has not confirmed it will sell them for dollars. The new Bitcoin haul comes in addition to two other large Silk Road related seizures.