Follow the traffic: What MegaUpload’s downfall did to the web

MegaUpload, the file-sharing community, has had its physical offices raided by the FBI and its site shut down because the U.S. government says it has violated copyright. I asked a few companies that track web traffic to see how it affected the Internet.

PIPA and SOPA votes shelved. Your move, web.

Updated. Sens. Harry Reid and Lamar Smith will postpone the scheduled votes on PIPA and SOPA. The moves are a big victory for the millions that oppose the bills on the grounds that they are too far-reaching in their attempts to curb piracy.

The Mega empire: Details of the MegaUpload indictment

You can’t make this stuff up: The indictment of the popular file hosting site MegaUpload reveals a hugely profitable business run by people whose Mercedes novelty license plates included “GUILTY” and “MAFIA.” Also included are numerous juicy internal emails between MegaUpload employees and executives.

Breaking: MegaUpload shut down, founder arrested

The FBI has shut down MegaUploadcom with help of law enforcement agencies around the world. The bureau also indicted seven people involved with MegaUpload, including the company’s founder Kim Schmitz. Four of the seven have been arrested, but it’s unclear whether Schmitz is also in custody.