Can’t make it to Comic-Con? Internet to the rescue

Many people ask why Comic-Con has held out on live-streaming the panels and events which make up the convention’s core — a paid live-stream offering would likely have no trouble finding an audience. But for now, live-streaming is unnecessary: The fans are doing it for them.

Felicia Day turns to Hangouts to promote new show

Felicia Day wants to meet and greet as many fans as possible to promote her new web series. That’s why she is using Google+ Hangouts, with a twist: Day is experimenting with something she dubbed Hangout Housecalls, switching from one Hangout session to another.

The Guild turns product placement into merchandising gold

Once upon a time, “The Guild” made fun of merchandising — but this year, to support ambitious plans for the show’s fifth season, a number of product placement deals were struck. And some of those deals have transformed into a wide assortment of merchandise available to fans.

The Guild’s a Go for Season 5 on Xbox

The iconic web series is set for a fifth season, thanks to the return of regular sponsors Microsoft and Sprint. But what’s in store for Felicia Day and her fellow gamers? Will there be another music video? And will this be the last season?

Felicia Day’s Red A Ratings Hit

Guild creator Felicia Day’s status as a self-made mainstream star just got a major bump this week. The SyFy original movie Red: Werewolf Hunter premiered last Saturday to an audience of 2.06 million people — a major success according to SyFy programming exec Thomas Vitale.

Steampunk Series Riese Now Live on SyFy

Happy Tuesday, steampunk fans! As promised earlier this month, episode 1 of the independent web series Riese relaunched today on, just one step in the process towards a potential television adaptation. Re-edited in collaboration with SyFy, the new version is narrated by Amanda Tapping.

Riese Back Soon on SyFy, Plus Felicia Day iPhone Game

The steampunk web series Riese, which will be relaunched on within the next month, is getting even more cross-platform than before, thanks to a iPhone/iPod Touch game to feature narration by Felicia Day, a potential series of novels, and just maybe a TV adaptation.

Vid-Biz: Google TV, Felicia Day, Modern Family Off Hulu

Today on the Net: Google TV will begin selling in the U.S. this autumn according to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Modern Family has been off of Hulu for the last month or so and Vidyo is putting its video conferencing services on the iPad.