The U.S. now has over 83 million broadband subscribers

Large phone and cable companies added nearly half-a-million broadband subscribers during the third quarter of 2013. The U.S. seems to be on its way to 100 million subscribers, and Comcast seems to be the big winner of the broadband sweepstakes.

Chattanooga paper fires columnist who blasted the president & lamented gigabit fiber

Drew Johnson, a columnist for Chattanooga Free-Press newspaper, recently wrote an editorial that blasted President Obama, “Take your jobs plan and shove it, Mr. President: Your policies have harmed Chattanooga enough.” The editorial, which lamented the gigabit fiber network built in Chattanooga, generated a lot of attention, but earlier this week Johnson was fired by the paper for changing the headline of the editorial without permission. The new headline for the editorial is – President Obama’s policies have harmed Chattanooga enough. Johnson later tweeted that he was the first person to be fired for writing the most read article in the newspaper’s history. The episode illustrates the heated debates around municipal funded networks (fiber or otherwise), often fueled by the lobbying dollars incumbent monopolies.

Planet broadband, like the US Internet, is getting faster

Second quarter of 2012 represented three good months for planet broadband, particularly for the US which saw big gains in higher broadband speeds. In addition, Japan got faster and more countries are offering more broadband to more people. But there is some bad news as well.

When it comes to startups timing really is everything

When it comes to startups, a lot is made of startup’s founders, the market opportunities, its advisers and the team. Of course, there is chest thumping around investors and dollars raised. Yes, those are important issues, but let’s not forget that timing is everything.

Reliance in trouble. Flag Telecom cancels $1B IPO

Flag Telecom, an undersea cable operator owned by India’s Reliance Communications has cancelled its $1 billion IPO due to market conditions. The failure to launch has implications for its debt laden parent, which is trying desperately to find a way out of a $7 billion mess.

Did Google Fiber just get its own Google TV set-top box?

Google is gearing up to bring fiber-fast broadband to Kansas City, and a device that could be key to these efforts just popped up the FCC’s website. The set-top box GFHD100 comes with a Google fiber logo – and looks very much like a Google TV device.

6 Bizarre causes for optical cables damage

Every so often we hear about a network outage thanks to some completely non-technology reason: A truck rammed into a pole or backhoe cut the cable. Here are some of the top bizarre reasons why optical fibers are cut (and result in network disruption.)

The storage vs bandwidth debate

Cloud computing depends on the idea that we will have ample and cheap bandwidth that will allow us to access various types of information and services on any kind of device, anywhere. This need only goes up as we start living in an on-demand world.