Google should license its gigabit network knowledge to cities

Building a gigabit network is unfortunately not a fast proposition. It takes time and money to dig trenches or string fiber. But in an op-ed over at Ars Technica, the CEO of Wicked Broadband in Lawrence, Kansas suggests that if Google really wanted to drive broadband competition and gigabit networks it would teach cities how Google thinks about the problem and costs of building fiber. Then, municipalities could take on the act of building out the infrastructure and help roll out gigabit fiber faster. I’ve made a similar suggestion myself.

The cable-ized future of broadband

The channel-ization of the internet would make it easier to port the pay-TV business model — for better or worse — to broadband platforms.

Are you a gigabit thinker? Google Fiber and U.S. Ignite want to know

Perhaps sick of the people who look askance at gigabit connections and ask, “Why does anyone need a gig?” the US Ignite broadband effort and Google Fiber are launching a competition for people who think they have the next gigabit application. This is your chance to invent the equivalent of email for the 21st century, y’all! You’ve got until next Monday to submit your idea as an individual or as part of a team. Make me proud.