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One characteristic of the Future of Work is the distributed and extended team. Companies need to support mobile, remote employees with modern collaboration tools, but they need to extend that support to their business partners (distributors, vendors, service providers) and to their customers. Enterprise solutions managed by IT are often hard to use, expensive and time-consuming to deploy and integrate. That has led to a lot of IT consumerization, where cloud-based tools and services, often with freemium pricing, have gained departmental adoption without needing to draw on IT resources. GigaOM Pro recently ran an analyst roundtable on how to get the most out of such document- and file-sharing collaboration systems. GigaOM Pro analyst Sameer Patel discussed “contextual collaboration” and the need for the proper metadata attached to business content. Pro analyst Larry Hawes and Brian Curry, of webinar sponsor YouSendIt, talked about how to encourage adoption across departments and the the extended enterprise. We also looked at integration strategies. To view the webinar on-demand, check in to our analyst roundtable “The Future of Work: Collaborating Around Business Content.”

Disclosure: YouSendIt is backed by Alloy Ventures, which also backs GigaOmni Media, the parent company of GigaOM.