Here’s how to get filesharing on Facebook with Pipe

After some serious beta testing, Facebook file transfer app Pipe is now ready for action. It allows users to send each other files to each other through the social network — and we have 5,000 invitations to get in early.

GoDropBox allows people to upload files to your Google Docs account

GoDropBox is a third-party add-on for Google Apps that adds a public mailbox to your Google Docs account, enabling anyone with the appropriate link to upload files to your account. This is handy for web workers who would like to accept files too big to email.

How to transfer data between iOS devices

Often, you’ll want to transfer some piece of data — a link, contact information or a photo, for example — from one of your iOS devices to another. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t natively support Bluetooth file transfer like most phones. Luckily, there are other workarounds.

Adobe’s File Transfer Tool SendNow to Get Branding Option

Adobe’s file transfer tool SendNow, which helps users send large files without FTP, is getting a few updates, including compatibility with audio and video files, a desktop client and, perhaps most usefully, the ability for users to customize the SendNow site with their own branding,