French copyright police warn government over cutbacks

Hadopi, the French body created by former President Nicolas Sarkozy to enforce copyright laws online, has rarely been popular for its three strikes disconnection policy. Now, after hints that the new government may cut its funding, the group’s leader has told politicians to stop meddling.

French anti-piracy chief: ‘punishment is not enough’

The man who has been given the job of reworking France’s controversial anti-piracy legislation says cutting off the internet connection of filesharers is probably wrong. But don’t expect him to go easy on those of accused of illegal downloads.

France: Google may have to censor for piracy after all

France’s Supreme Court has set aside a critical piracy ruling won by Google in 2011, leaving the door open to the search giant being forced to censor some of its autocomplete listings to prevent copyright infringement and piracy.

UK says three strikes is coming, but not until 2014

Under new proposals from the British media regulator Ofcom, internet providers will start sending warning letters to those accused of illegal filesharing in 18 months — and will be forced to handed people’s data over to copyright holders after three successive hits.

Russia looks to ISPs to crack down on piracy

The stereotype of Russia as a haven of copyright infringement could be a thing of the past, after officials in Moscow said they were considering holding internet providers liable for illegal filesharing that takes place on their networks.

Why UK antipiracy laws won’t spark SOPA-like protests

After the Court of Appeal in London told Britain’s two biggest Internet providers they must abide the controversial antipiracy rules brought in by the Digital Economy Act, some experts suggest it could spark a SOPA-style protest. Is it likely?

Pirate Bay considers European courts after Swedish ruling

Peter Sunde, one of the Pirate Bay founders convicted of aiding copyright infringement, has told GigaOM that the group could go to the European court, after Sweden’s top judges refused to hear their appeal against a guilty verdict handed down in 2009.

Dropbox Grows Up With Version 1.0

After two years, Dropbox, one of our favorite file sharing tools, has reached a new level of maturity with version 1.0, a major update that includes a host of fixes and improvements and allows Drobox to come out of beta.

Working in Teams: Dropbox to the Rescue!

The work I do is generally solitary, but in the last couple of months, I’ve had to work with teams more than usual, and it’s been Dropbox to the rescue every time. Here are some examples of how Dropbox has come in handy for me lately: