Vid-Biz: Google Goes Hollywood, Comcast VOD, FilmOn

Today on the Internet: Google and Netlfix may start paying for film distribution rights before the films are completed, Comcast VOD had more than 200 day-and-date releases in 2010 and FilmOn’s founder has some not-so-nice things to say to CBS.

Vid-Biz: Netflix HTML5, Roku PPV, FilmOn & Ivi

Today on the Net: Netflix explains why it uses HTML5 for its connected device user interfaces, Roku is preparing to roll out a pay-per-view offering for small video publishers next year and FilmOn and Ivi are both hated by broadcasters but they’re not the same company.

FilmOn’s Broadcast Streams Taken Down; Is Ivi Next?

Internet TV streamer FilmOn was dealt a blow yesterday, as it was issued a temporary restraining order by a federal judge, requiring it to stop retransmitting over-the-air broadcast signals online. That could be bad news for Ivi.TV as it fights its own court battle.