How Wall Street Can Hurt Silicon Valley

After Monday, the belief that Silicon Valley is going to remain immune from the Wall Street fallout is gone. While some tech companies had been saying they weren’t worried that the credit crunch would hurt them, I don’t believe them.

Budget, Organize and De-clutter Your Life With ReceiptWallet

receiptwalleticon.pngIf your daily existence is anything like mine you collect a decent number of items that need to – or at least should be – filed, stored or organized in some way. Whether they be downloaded PDF documents or saved purchase records, grocery store receipts or just important physical papers these items are probably either buried in your wallet, purse, messenger bag or numerous drawers (for physical records) or strewn across a dozen or more directories on one or more drives (for electronic records). If you’re in sales or own your own business, you know how important it is to keep records of your transactions and if you’re just a consumer, your receipt may be the key ingredient to receiving replacement products during the warranty period. The challenge for everyone is finding an easy and convenient way to keep these critical documents organized and safe.

Having done quite a bit of traveling for our move from Pennsylvania to Washington state, I was inundated with advertisements for ways to keep business cards, documents and travel receipts electronically organized. Unfortunately, none of these products worked on the Mac. In my quest to get organized and also to prepare for tax time I searched for an equivalent all-Mac solution and here’s the combination that has worked best for me.
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Year-End Folly: Pin the Tail on the Stocks

I’ve taken seven of the more interesting stocks of 2007 — all stocks that inspired a good deal of passionate discussion and, for the most part, a good deal of capital gains — and ranked them according to how I think they’ll perform in 2008. Take a look.