Want to be a news baron? 2013 could be your year

Some famous newspaper titles are going on sale next year. Meanwhile, as analyst Ken Doctor reports, regulators will re-examine rules that limit cross-ownership of media platforms.

Should Mike Bloomberg buy the Financial Times?

New York mayor Mike Bloomberg is the leading candidate to buy the prestigious Financial Times, which is set to be shopped in 2013. It would be a prestigious pairing, but would the FT become a distraction to Bloomberg LP’s core business?

Talking Points Memo and why membership is better than a paywall

Many newspapers and media outlets are implementing paywalls in a desperate attempt to generate revenue, but some players — including the political blog network Talking Points Memo — are offering their readers a membership-with-benefits experience instead. It’s an approach that more media players should probably consider.

Crossing the newspaper chasm: Is it better to be funded by readers?

The Financial Times and New York Times are at or close to the point where subscription revenue exceeds advertising revenue. This means their paywalls are working, but it also means advertisers are fleeing — and the implications of that for journalism could be significant.

New York Times to launch Chinese-language news site

The New York Times is launching a Chinese-language news site, cn.nytimes.com. Aimed at “educated, affluent, global citizens,” the site will publish about 30 articles a day in categories like world affairs, business and culture.

paidContent 2012: The conversation isn’t over

Several hundred execs filled The TimesCenter Wednesday for a day of intense conversation and discovery (on stage and off) about the current state of digital content online… and where we’re headed. But paidContent 2012 is just the beginning.