A day of jury duty

I had a summons to jury duty yesterday and it was a day of such ranging emotions and experiences that I thought I would share the experience, even though it’s not tech related.  I live in Houston which is in Harris County and my summons was to the Harris County Judicial system.  I must say the organization of the jury system was very good and they ran it like clockwork.  Jurors must arrive at 8 am to the Jury Room in downtown Houston which turned out to be a room of theater like proportions.  There must have been 3,000 prospective jurors summoned for that particular day and the stadium seating was completely full with dozens of late-comers having to stand until called.  At precisely 9 am the clerks started doling out jurors for the various courts by empaneling groups of jurors depending on the type of case each court was handling that day.  This jury pool was supplying jurors for all civil and criminal courts in Harris County which accounted for the large pool.  This early in the day I would never have guessed how upsetting my day was destined to be.

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