How to check if an iPhone is stolen

A new Apple tool allows users to check whether a iPhone has Find My iPhone turned on by typing in the device’s unique identifier into a web form on

Find My Mac is reason enough to sign up for iCloud

Apple is including a tool in iCloud that should make signing up for it a no-brainer for Mac owners: Find My Mac, which went live for iCloud beta users Wednesday. Like Find My iPhone, the service provides an approximate location for all a user’s iCloud-connected Macs.

iOS 101: Keep Information on Your Device Safe

Chances are, there’s a lot of personal information and data stored on your iPhone or iPad. The last thing you want is someone finding your data and using it maliciously. You can encrypt your backup, but what about if someone gets hold of your actual device?

Find My iPhone: Now Available On Your iPhone

Apple has been on a kick releasing new applications for its iOS devices over the past few weeks. Now, coinciding with a redesigned MobileMe, Apple has released the native Find My iPhone app for both the iPhone and the iPad.