Verizon upgrades network for a 100 gig world

Long-haul networks aren’t the only pipes getting 100 gigabit upgrades these days. On Tuesday Verizon said it is upgrading the metro networks in at least seven U.S. cities to meet the demand for broadband at the edge. Looks like we’re closing in on the terabit age.

Verizon cutting wireline, DirecTV ties as it shacks up with cable

Verizon’s blockbuster deal with the major cable operators has made casualties of its future residential broadband expansion plans and its partnership with DirecTV. Verizon is wasting little time in embracing its rivals Comcast and Time Warner and overturning the competitive dynamics of the residential broadband industry.

Verizon’s strike pits its past against its future

More than 45,000 Verizon workers are striking this morning. People are concerned about what the strike could mean for telecom equipment vendors, but a better question is how much will Verizon’s legacy employees drag down the company as it competes against more modern IT companies?

Verizon’s Bundle Builder shows the power of broadband

Verizon is unbundling its data plans from its video offering, providing a more flexible offering to its customers. By doing so, the telco enables its customers to pick and choose the data plans they want without them being tied to a certain number of video channels.

Kansas City Gets Gigabit Speeds. What About the Rest of Us?

Kansas City may not be alone in getting gigabit broadband. In Google’s blog today, it said: “We’ll also be looking closely at ways to bring ultra high-speed Internet to other cities across the country.” Sounds like Google isn’t finished yet. And that’s a good thing.

Verizon Brings Online Account Tools to Feature Phones

Verizon is today enhancing online management functions to give customers a single portal for checking email, managing account information and remotely programming a FiOS DVR from a web-connected computer or mobile phone. The portal brings advanced account functionality to feature phones that don’t support mobile applications.

Verizon’s Digital Voice Goes All-VoIP

Verizon’s FiOS Digital Voice was always digital, but relied on central switches to route phone calls. Now the product uses Session Internet Protocols and softswitches in the home to privately manage calls on Verizon’s network which increases QoS while also reducing costs for Verizon.

The FCC Wants You! (to Test Your Broadband Speed)

Some 80 percent of respondents don’t know the actual broadband speed to their homes, an FCC broadband survey finds. To educate and gather more data, the agency is looking for 10,000 volunteers to use a hardware box for speed testing. Will you join the broadband army?