In which ZTE teaches us how not to survey customers

It’s a common mistake: you mean to put a bunch of email recipients in the “bcc” field to hide their identity from other recipients, but instead you put them in the “cc” field. Oops — particularly when you’re ZTE trying to survey buyers of your Firefox OS phone. According to multiple people on Twitter, the Chinese handset maker managed on Friday to out the identities of hundreds of customers in this fashion. Hilariously, the email includes the line: “As always, we treat the issue of privacy with utmost seriousness — any personal information you have supplied us will remain confidential.”

Could Ubuntu emerge as the third major mobile OS?

T-Mobile USA said it will join Verizon Wireless and 10 overseas carriers as part of the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group. If a few of those operators choose to push the platform aggressively, Canonical could break away from the pack of also-rans.

Why Firefox OS might be a game-changer in mobile

Developers this week quickly snapped up the first two Firefox OS smartphones to hit the market. And there are some other reasons to believe Mozilla’s new platform could have a big impact on the over the next few years.