Social media use at work exploding, but beware alarmists

A new report on social networking traffic patterns in organizations across the globe reveals that while use of social networks at work is way up, it still accounts for only a miniscule percentage of bandwidth. Threats to data security may be the bigger issue.

5 companies using web data to fight cybercrime

Yesterday, Google announced a new feature that alerts web surfers when their PCs might be infected with malware, but it’s hardly the only company using big data to fight cybercrime. We’ve covered a handful of them of over the past couple years.

Today, security must be built from the inside out

The old days of securing information with virtual barbed-wire fences are over. Today, security aspects have to be incorporated into software applications from the ground floor to ensure safety. And whether an application is hosted in the cloud or on a native server is almost moot.

Hadoop Kills Zombies Too! Is There Anything It Can’t Solve?

Internet botnets wreak much of their havoc because of the sheer number of infected machines, and a startup security service called ipTrust is trying to fight fire with fire by using many terabytes worth of log files to combat these hordes of zombie PCs.

Incapsula Launches Cloud-Based Web App Firewall

Incapsula is trying to democratize web site security and performance by utilizing the distributed, yet centralized, nature of cloud computing. In some ways, its namesake product is the epitome of a cloud service because it utilizes both crowdsourcing and centralization to create the best-possible experience.

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall: Free for a Day

I’ve written about ZoneAlarm’s firewall software before. Many Windows users want a full-featured firewall that goes beyond the default one in Windows, and ZoneAlarm Pro is one of the better choices. It’s also a good added step in a sound strategy to keep public Wi-Fi sessions secure. Here’s the good news: In celebration of the 15th year anniversary of ZoneAlarm’s firewall applications, you can download Zone Alarm Pro anytime today and until 6am PDT tomorrow at this link.

ZoneAlarm Pro normally costs $39.95 and has more complete features than most of the free firewalls, so this is a good opportunity.
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