Worried About Wi-Fi in Santa Fe

I would think that worries of tiered broadband pricing might be putting the kibosh on free public Wi-Fi, but there’s another culprit causing the City of Santa Fe to delay plans to install Wi-Fi in the local public libraries. In a clear case of the tyranny of the minority, a group of citizens has banded together to stop the proliferation of electromagnetic fields in the form of Wi-Fi signals. The leader of the effort, Arthur Firstenberg, says he and others suffer form electromagnetic hypersensitivity, or EHS, and city buildings are some of their last refuges in an increasingly wireless world.

I have a hard time with this one, partially because scientists have found that people do suffer from symptoms of EHS but have found no proof linking those symptoms to electromagnetic exposure. To deny the 150 people a month who have asked for Wi-Fi in the libraries for the sake of a few dozen people who think they are sick because of Wi-Fi signals is ridiculous. So maybe an enterprising entrepreneur can wander down to Santa Fe and do a bang up business selling Faraday helmets.