Fitbit raises $12M to stay ahead of health device market

Fitbit was among the early leaders in building connected portable health devices, a market that has become crowded in the last year with new rivals. Now Fitbit is announcing it has raised $12 million to help it fend off competition from emerging rivals.

Will you track your health data with apps or a device?

Next year millions of consumers use fitness devices and apps designed to help them count their steps, calories, sleep and other personal metrics. But in the emerging world of connected wellness tools will newly aware consumers be using apps or devices?

Motorola chases the smart watch fitness market with MotoACTV

Motorola’s big news was supposed to be the resurrection of the Razr brand with the Droid Razr but the manufacturer took people by surprise with a new fitness and music watch called MotoACTV that drops Motorola into a fast growing market for mobile fitness devices.