WoW No Longer World’s Biggest MMO?

Based on publicly available data, it looks like an Internet milestone will be passed by the end of next month: World of Warcraft will lose its undisputed status as the most popular massively multiplayer online world. It’s struggling to defend that title as Habbo Hotel, the web-based, social MMO from Finland’s Sulake Corp., is nipping at its heels. Habbo just sent me news that it has logged its 100 millionth registered avatar (pictured at left), and more crucial, that Habbo “attracts close to 10 million monthly visitors to its services worldwide.”

Currently 9.5 million active monthly users, to be exact, compared to Warcraft’s last-reported 10 million subscribers — but at current growth rates, it’s easily within striking range. Read More about WoW No Longer World’s Biggest MMO?

Web 2.0 meets Human Body 1.0

If your New Year’s Resolution to get fit is still under construction 21 days later, here’s a quick set of Web 2.0 sites combining social networking, online record keeping and solid health and fitness information for your consideration.
Note – If it has been years since you’ve last worked out, and years since you’ve had a medical checkup, I’d strongly suggest you bookmark this post, get a physical, and then come back.
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