Now Violin Memory’s COO has left

Violin Memory Chief Operating Officer Dixon Doll, Jr., resigned just weeks after the resignation of CTO Jonathan Goldrick and termination of CEO Don Basile. The company hopes new leadership can get it back on track.

AWS can’t keep its new SSD-backed instances in stock

Amazon Web Services doesn’t have enough capacity to handle demand for its new C3 instances, which has led to a rush order of new servers. In almost any other scenario, that would mean a big payday for someone like Dell or HP.

Violin Memory’s mid-range priced IPO raises $162M

It might have priced in the lower range of its purported value, but enterprise tech stocks have done pretty well recently and Violin has been one the bigger companies in a red-hot flash market. More interesting in the long run might be how Violin’s IPO affects — or is affected — by planned IPOs for smaller flash vendors like Pure Storage and Nimble Storage. Expect an update on the Violin public offering on Friday.