The Race to Build the “Daily Me” Continues

A new iPad app called Zite is the latest entrant in the race to build the “Daily Me,” a personalized newspaper that learns what you like. No one has really won this race yet, although Flipboard appears to be leading — and where is Google?

Yahoo Wants to Get Mobile And Personal With Livestand

Yahoo unveiled a new personalized digital newstand app called Livestand that will serve as a showcase for magazine content on tablets but will eventually drive the overall Yahoo experience across all devices. Livestand represents Yahoo’s drive to become more mobile and personal.

Is Flipboard Too Much Fun to Be Useful?

When Flipboard first arrived on the scene, it was essentially just a browser for Twitter and Facebook. But now the company has introduced support for Google Reader feeds, Flickr photos and other real-time media streams, as it tries to become a one-stop iPad portal for content.

Flipboard: Future is HTML5, RSS & New New Advertising

Mike McCue, the founder of Palo Alto, Calif.-based mobile media company, Flipboard, seems to have figured out a business model for his 20-person company. It revolves around a new kind of ad network, embracing RSS and betting that HTML5 is going to define its future.

Flipboard Responds to Failed Launch

Flipboard, the new iPad application that formats personal news streams into readable pages, was a hot ticket this week. Quite a bit hotter, it turns out, than anticipated and prepared for. Since launching late Tuesday, the customizable part of Flipboard has been largely non-functional.