Flipboard is a real digital magazine now — it comes with ads

Flipboard has taken the next step in its move to become a one-stop digital magazine by launching a partnership with traditional publishers like Conde Nast to push their ads into its app. Can the company succeed at digital advertising when so many other players have failed?

Dolphin Browser for Android turns web into a magazine

I previously gave Android device owners eight reasons to try the Dolphin Browser, and today the company adds reason number nine. The newest version of the popular third-party browser adds a Webzine feature, turning the browsing experience into a magazine-like platform to read top-tier content.

Flipboard wants to be the newsstand of the future

Flipboard, one of the first iPad applications to really take advantage of the new device’s touch interface to create a kind of digital magazine, today released a series of updates and new features that turn the app into even more of a tablet-based newsstand.

Future of media: This is no time for incrementalism

As the recent report from the FCC on the future of media makes clear, describing the industry’s problems is a lot easier than coming up with solutions. Washington Post managing editor Raju Narisetti doesn’t have any answers either, but says now isn’t the time for incrementalism.

The Future of Media: Brands Are Publishers Now Too

The publishing world continues to expand, with high-end group shopping service Gilt Groupe launching its own cooking magazine and the New York Times Library releasing a magazine-style iPad app. As the tools to publish become cheaper and cheaper, brands are becoming publishers in their own right.

Can Publishers Create a Business Class For News?

What if media companies could come up with something similar to what business class achieves for airline passengers — would people pay for that? A news design agency thinks they would. But the problem for news companies is that others are already busy creating that experience.

Are Apps Like Flipboard the Future of Media?

Apps like Flipboard and Zite are showing traditional media entities what readers really want when it comes to mobile content consumption: smart aggregation, customization and personalization, and a better interface. If publishers don’t find a way to ride that wave, they will be crushed by it.