Enterprise Microblogging App Flowr Gets HTML5 Mobile Site

Flowr, the enterprise-oriented social communication web application that I wrote about, and Simon demonstrated, a few months ago, has simplified its interface and added some new features, including a beta of an HTML5-based mobile version. Flowr has also changed its pricing structure.

WWD Screencast: Flowr

I’ve been playing with Flowr over the past couple of days. It’s a collaboration web app that’s a little like having a private Facebook for your company or team. I thought I’d record a short screencast to give you an overview of how it works:

Flowr: Microblogging and More for Organizations

Web-based communication systems for companies and groups seem to be all the rage these days. Such systems fall into two groups: the ones that are built around projects, tickets and the like, and enterprise microblogging platforms that are more like Twitter and Facebook.