Fonolo Moves to Open Public Beta

fonolologocurrent150pxThree weeks ago I provided a detailed description of Fonolo, the “Deep Dialing” service that takes you directly to where you want to go within an enterprise IVR menu.

At that time Fonolo was looking for 100 new beta accounts as the final stage of a private beta program. It’s provided good feedback but they need to hear from a broader audience of  consumer users. Today Fonolo, with an expanded directory of over 300 enterprises, will launch a fully open public beta available to anyone wishing to try out the service. They want feedback from “real users”.

For those with a deeper interest, check out this Skype Journal post for more background on what Fonolo is learning from their beta programs.

Fonolo: Bypassing Those Persistent AutoAttendant Menus

fonolologocurrent150pxYou’ve got a problem with your Internet service but every time you call your Service Provider’s support line you have to branch out through their phone tree to get through to technical support via a series of voice menus that get repetitive quickly.

  1. What service are you calling about? 1 for Wireless, 2 for Home Phone, 3 for Cable TV, 4 for High Speed Internet
  2. What assistance are you seeking? 1 for Billing, 2 for Customer Service, 4 for Technical Support, etc.

Last week, to reach a technical support service I had to enter “9” four times to reach the particular service I required. And there was also the “anxiety” time spent listening to the introduction to each step.
What if you could just “call” the basic number but jump right to the level of response you are seeking?
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Mobilize LaunchPad Contestants Announced

With less than three weeks to go, we are busy trying to finalize panels and speakers for our Mobilize conference, scheduled to be held on Sept. 18 in San Francisco at the Mission Bay Conference Center. (We have super-saver tickets on sale but not for long.) One of the highlights of the event is Mobilize LaunchPad.

When we asked for submissions, we were simply deluged by the number of entrants, many of them tiny and pre-launch. The sheer number of applicants shows the robustness of the mobile application market. If you give innovation a chance to thrive on mobile, entrepreneurs will think of many different ways to leverage the mobile platform.

Much as we would like to showcase all of them, we can’t. Our network editors, conference advisers and mobile experts sifted through the companies and voted for the ones they liked most. Here is a short list of the (baker’s) dozen of companies that will be making presentations on stage: Read More about Mobilize LaunchPad Contestants Announced