PlayOn Opens Up API, Gets a Bunch of New Channels

PlayOn users will soon get a lot more content options, as the software maker has opened up its API, enabling users to build channels for their own favorite content sources. Already users have developed 20 new channels, including some for Food Network, Lifetime and TV Land.

Fox & Time Warner Cable Make Up While Scripps & Cablevision Face Off

Cable customers in Denver and Los Angeles didn’t have to miss last weekend’s Sugar Bowl after all: Time Warner Cable (s TWC)  and News Corp. (s NWS) announced a deal on Friday that allows the cable company to continue to carry the Fox network’s TV channels, after Fox had threatened to cut off Time Warner as part of a transmission fee standoff. The details of the deal were not announced, but  Staci Kramer over at paidContent calls it “unlikely” that Fox got anything close to the $1 per cable subscriber it had demanded.

All of that is of little consolation for Iron Chef fans in New York and New Jersey. Customers of Cablevision (s CVC) didn’t get to watch yesterday’s highly publicized special White House edition of the show because HGTV and Food Network owner Scripps Networks (s SNI) cut off access to the networks on January 1st after Cablevision failed to agree to higher retransmission fees.

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Vid-Biz: Expletives, Loneliness, Food2

Supreme Court Sides with the FCC Over “Fleeting Expletives;” court says agency followed proper procedures when issuing fines for swearing on broadcast TV, though the Supremes did not address the underlying free speech issue. (The Wall Street Journal)

Researchers: TV Makes You Feel Less Lonely; new studies indicate that “watching TV provides viewers with the illusion that their social needs are being met.” So… you’re saying Liz Lemon and I are not BFF? (The Hollywood Reporter)

Food Network Launches Food2; aiming for younger audiences, site will have more than 1,000 videos at launch including web series and how-tos. (TVWeek) Sees Big Growth in March; comScore says the site’s unique users jumped 401 percent from the previous month to 3.5 million and the number of streams grew 153 percent to 7.1 million. (MediaWeek) Liz wrote up a full run-down of comScore’s March video numbers yesterday.

Spinal Tap Includes YouTube Videos in Concert; heavy duty! The mock metal group mixes fan-made music videos into its live show. (Variety)

RealDVD Back in Court Today; RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser is expected to testify, Judge Marilyn Patel closed the court during testimony last Friday. (CNET)

Weekend Vid Picks: Ace of Cakes’s UGC Contest Makes Valentine’s Day Sweeter

Valentine’s Day is one of those tricky holidays, as those not lucky in love tend to feel alienated by all the attention showered on happy couples. Conversely, those enamored with their partners have no need for the cynicism that accompanies being alone on V-Day. But whether single, married, dating, engaged, or “It’s Complicated,” everyone can pretty much agree on cake being rad.

Enter the Food Network’s Ace of Cakes, which ran a YouTube contest challenging bakers to submit videos of their Valentine’s Day Cake creations. The 12 best responses were announced this week, and good grief some sexy cakes made the line-up, representing a delightful range from amateur to professional pâtissiers.

Rachael Scharett, a self-proclaimed newcomer to cake decorating, made the final list with a heart-shaped box cake that came out really well — especially after she made the few key modifications necessary to win over a man…

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