A GigaOM Family Thanksgiving

We’re like a big family here at the GigaOM network of blogs. We look out for each other. We help one another. And once a year we drink too much sherry and sulk because mom always liked you best.
But until we get there, we have some cooking to do! We asked GigaOM staffers to submit their favorite parts of the Thanksgiving meal. If you’re looking for menu inspiration, watch one of these how-to recipes to see if that gets those cooking juices going.
Craig already did a great turkey roundup so let’s move on to some other fixin’s.
Onion and Cornbread Stuffing
Personally, I like stuffing (or dressing), and I also do a wicked good impersonation of Food Network Chef Tyler Florence, so I thought I’d bring those two worlds together.

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Give Good Food to Your Mac: Software Discounts

The idea of a ‘bundle’ promotion is a common occurrence in the Mac software world. The most widely publicized event centered around great deals on indie Mac software is MacHeist. The general idea is that bundling a package of applications together leads to a great deal for you, the user, and also generates a huge amount of publicity for the featured applications.

A similar promotion has launched this week, with a few notable differences. Give Good Food to Your Mac (organized by Aquafadas) offers a huge range of different applications, with discounts increasing progressively depending upon the number of applications you purchase.
Claudia Zimmer, Aquafadas’ CEO explains:

We are pleased to introduce the Third Edition of ‘Give Good Food to your Mac’. It’s a chance for us to build a community among developers and together, create opportunities that would not be possible alone. Mac users benefit from it as they can discover our software at great prices.

The Discounts Available

While the promotion doesn’t feature the world’s catchiest name, it does give some great discounts. Buying 3 apps saves you 20%, 4 apps saves 30%, and 5 or more knocks a whopping 50% off the normal retail price. As you add applications to your cart, it’s simple to see how much you stand to save, along with how many more applications you need to reach the next level.
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Coghead on AWS: The SaaS Ecosystem Expands

Coghead, like DabbleDB and Zoho Creator, allows you to quickly create a hosted database-backed web application without programming. But unlike DabbleDB and Zoho Creator, Coghead wants to create a platform not just for web applications but for web businesses, and they’re doing it on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Coghead is building their business on a model similar to that of AWS: providing agile and scalable services over the web using pay-as-you-go pricing. Through their affiliate program, Coghead makes it easy for more software-as-a-service (SaaS) web businesses to launch, just like Amazon wants to use their limited beta DevPay service to encourage SaaS businesses atop AWS.
In Coghead on AWS, you can see the arrival of the SaaS ecosystem, as web-based services combined and layered on top of each other make it easier and cheaper than ever for anyone with a good web business idea to turn it into a revenue stream. Read More about Coghead on AWS: The SaaS Ecosystem Expands