Foodspotting moves to ensure you don’t need Yelp’s app

Foodspotting is putting great services offered by Yelp right into its social food-finding app: reviews, as well as OpenTable reservations and menu pages from Single Platform. Plus: Restaurants will find more informative dashboard pages and users will see far more data on their profile pages.

What’s Facebook mean for early developers? Huge traffic, apparently.

Facebook released some metrics around early partners for its app platform, showing how the apps affect their traffic. The results? Partners like Pinterest,, Artfinder, Foodspotting and Foodily are seeing large increases in the number of users connecting to their sites.

Foodspotting makeover emphasizes personalized dish discovery

Just in time for its second birthday, food-finding app Foodspotting is rolling out some major design changes. Starting Wednesday, regular users of the app will notice a redesigned interface and a new logo, meant to emphasize new personalization and social features.

Foodspotting spots daily deals with Scoutmob

Foodspotting, the app for finding and rating restaurant dishes, is getting in on the daily deals action. It plans to announce Tuesday that it is hooking up with Atlanta-based local deals purveyor Scoutmob to offer 50 percent and 100 percent off coupons for nearby restaurants.

Nosh, an app to make your mouth water

Firepotter Labs, an incubator of sorts backed by Google and co-founded by Craig Walker, released Nosh, an app that lets users check in, rate, review and share menu items. It’s like a cross between Foursquare and Yelp for dishes.

Meal Snap Finds Sweet Spot at the Crossroads of Health and Fun

Counting calories isn’t normally fun, but a cool new iPhone app recently released manages to make the exercise entertaining and light. Meal Snap analyzes pictures of food taken with your iPhone’s camera, returns an approximate calorie count for each item and incorporates a social element.