3 lessons in big data from the Ford Motor Company

Data means a lot to Ford, informing everything from product design to business intelligence. In this interview from the Structure Show podcast, Ford’s top data scientist talks all about how Ford approaches everything from deploying Hadoop to hiring the right people.

Zipcar backs peer-to-peer car sharing startup Wheelz

Will car sharing pioneer Zipcar move into the emerging industry of peer-to-peer car sharing, or enabling neighbors to rent out other neighbors’ vehicles? Well, Zipcar hasn’t launched such a service, but it’s invested in one of the new peer-to-peer car sharing startups Wheelz.

TuneIn Radio takes its streaming act on the road

TuneIn Radio, which has become a powerhouse in streaming local radio content, is now ramping up efforts to bring its service to cars with a new Ford Sync AppLink integration and an updated Android app with voice-controlled “car mode.”