Today in Cloud

The big management consultancy firms clearly see something in Big Data, which is certainly a concept to align nicely with their typical client engagements. PwC gathered a set of viewpoints in an issue of their Technology Forecast last year, and McKinsey joined in this month with Big Data: the Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition and Productivity. Accenture is taking a slightly different path, both building product (with Appistry) and funding polling through its joint venture with Microsoft, Avanade. As firms that need to be in a position to answer client questions — and to build solutions that meet client needs — PwC, McKinsey and Accenture are perhaps more exposed to the Big Data idea than most. It’s interesting to explore their public documents, and to begin understanding the different ways in which they are attempting to position themselves to current and future clients.

Today in Mobile

The Wall Street Journal this morning cites a new forecast from iSuppli that claims mobile growth will push the worldwide telecom gear space toward the quarter-trillion dollar mark by the end of this year. That’s good news, of course, but next year’s performance should be “even more spectacular,” with revenue reaching $271.3 billion. That rosy outlook can be traced to three key factors: the rise in smartphone usage, the build-out of 4G networks and the overall economic recovery. None of those factors is a short-term trend, which is why I fully expect growth in the space to continue for at least the next several years.

Big Gains Predicted for Apple Market Share in 2010

Investors should be seriously looking at putting more money into Apple (s aapl) stock, says one industry analyst. Robert Cihra of Caris & Company is predicting that Mac market share will grow by 26 percent in 2010, compared to only a 16 percent expansion in the general computing industry.

Cihra predicts in a new research report (PDF download, requires registration) that Apple will have a 4 percent overall market share in the year 2010, which is actually around what it has now, according to numbers released in September. Apple’s pricing and profit model, however, give it a 10 percent share of worldwide revenue. Despite not seeing growth in terms of overall market share, Cihra still thinks Apple is the best stock available in the personal computing market. Read More about Big Gains Predicted for Apple Market Share in 2010