myGengo lands $5.25M for online translation that really works

myGengo, a startup that provides customized language translation services, has taken raised $5.25 million in new funding. myGengo is unique because it’s priced competitively — less than half the average price of professional translation — but its translations are made completely by humans, with no machine translation.

Seven Language Apps: Spreken Ze Francias, Por Favor

If one of your New Years Resolutions (remember those?) was to learn a new language, there are quite a few ways you can use your Mac (s aapl) or iPhone that will have you speaking in a foreign tongue in no time flat.

Keep Your Word

bambooapps Keep Your Word is combination dictionary and flashcard trainer for the Mac and iPhone. For $24.95, you can create your own word dictionary, add images and tags, and organize them in whatever way works best for you (alphabetically, grouped by adjective, etc.). You can even let the app put your words in Smart Groups that function similar to the smart lists in iTunes. Once you’ve got your words assembled, choose one of three exercise modes — flash cards, quick quiz, or printed test — to help you learn them.


provocIf you’re looking for a free app to get you started on the road to learning a new language, ProVoc is a good vocabulary training tool. Use it to listen to words on your iPod or print double-sided flash cards. Although it’s not as robust as Keep Your Word, ProVoc makes good use of your Mac best features. Use iSight to include images or video clips in your library, Spotlight to search for words quickly, and the Dashboard Widget to help you learn through repetition. Although ProVoc is no longer under development and has no user support, it’s a terrific free alternative to its commercial counterparts. Read More about Seven Language Apps: Spreken Ze Francias, Por Favor