Bringing data loss prevention to the little guy

Companies of all sizes worry about theft of key information but until recently, the use of data loss prevention technology was too rich for their blood. The adoption of cloud technologies to enable DLP managed services like Verdasys is changing that.

BYOD blowback drives more IT underground

Enterprises unnerved by the bring-your-own-device movement that many had promoted are now trying to lock down employees’ own devices for security purposes. The unintended consequence is that many of those employees, frustrated by these restrictions, just use unsanctioned devices instead.

Content, not hardware, has made tablets the current king

Tablets may be a hot item now, but they’re just getting started. At paidContent 2012, Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey noted that it’s not just a “tablet or iPad world” coming, but an “everything world.”

Want to see your SaaS valuation skyrocket? Specialize

If you’re a Software-as-a-Service provider and want to wring the richest rewards out of what is already a lucrative gig, you should “verticalize” your services. That’s according to a newly published report from Forrester Research analyst Liz Herbert.