IT strikes back in BYOD battle

IT professionals besieged by demands to support all manner of non-corporate tablets and smartphones in the workplace really want users to know that there’s a reason for their reluctance: BYOD, they say, isn’t easy in an era of cut-rate IT budgets.

Biz spending on Macs, iPads could hit $19B in 2012

BYOD policies aren’t the only reasons Apple products’ presence are growing at your office. Corporate IT departments are more and more buying Macs and iPads for employees to use. That’s according to a new report from analyst firm Forrester published Friday.

Apps vs. the web: Are they enemies or allies?

Forrester CEO George Colony reignited a minor firestorm recently by saying “the web is dead” and the app ecosystem is replacing it. Others, however, argue that the open web has benefits that apps do not have, and that losing these features would have serious consequences.

Windows 8 tablets: Too late or is there still time?

Interest in Microsoft Windows 8 tablets is waning, says Forrester, with nearly half of those who wanted such a device at the beginning of 2011 no longer interested. Time is against Microsoft, but there’s still some hope for success due to both hardware and software strategies.