Forrester to your IT dept: Let them use Macs

Forrester made some waves in the IT world Thursday morning when it released a report strongly urging large enterprise companies to let their employees use Macs at work. It’s also something mobile IT folks already figured out: employees are more productive using devices they choose.

Forrester: More than half of enterprises support consumer phones

Enterprises that never expected to support personal consumer devices are slowly changing their minds, with 59 percent now supporting employee-owned smartphones in various ways. That means more opportunity for device makers and app developers to create solutions that effectively cater to both work and personal use.

Netflix to add family accounts and VOD rentals?

Netflix has taken a lot of heat since announcing a new pricing structure. But more price changes could be on the way as Netflix seeks to diversify its revenue stream with individual accounts and video-on-demand sales, if you believe Forrester analyst James McQuivey.