The platform-publisher race is heating up and LinkedIn is gaining

Social platforms like Facebook and Snapchat are trying hard to become publishers or to host content from media companies, but one of the platforms that has been quietly doing this for years now — and continues to grow that side of its business — is LinkedIn

You can expect the next Amazon Fire Phone to be less expensive

Amazon’s first phone hasn’t exactly been a runaway success — and Amazon’s blaming its pricing. In an interview with Fortune, Amazon SVP of devices David Limp said that Amazon “didn’t get the price right.” When the Fire Phone debuted, it cost essentially the same as an iPhone: $200 on a 2-year AT&T contract, odd for a company which thrives on undercutting its competition. Later, Amazon dropped the price by $200 across the board. Limp hinted that there will be future Fire Phones, and Amazon is going to “keep iterating software features to get it better and better,” most likely at a lower price next time, just like it did with its Kindle products.

Report: Bloom Energy raises another $130M

The Valley’s fuel cell startup Bloom Energy has now raised over $1.1 billion, according to a report. While Bloom has gotten strong traction, particularly with data center operators, fuel cell manufacturing is difficult and capital intensive business.

GigaOM Reads: A look back at the week in tech

First the New York Times rankles Facebook and then they release a new feed redesign; technology is making people richer, though not as many billionaires; Time runs out for Time Inc.; some VCs have problems & Spotify has more new competition; and a few stories we recommend.

Report: Advanced Equities to close up shop

Advanced Equities, a controversial investment group in Chicago, is closing up its broker-dealer operations, reports Fortune. The firm had raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cleantech startups in recent years, but recently settled charges with the SEC, hurting its reputation and costing it $1 million.

The latest VCs to sour on cleantech: Index

The VC exodus away from cleantech startup investing continues. One of Europe’s most well-known venture firms, Index Ventures, has closed a new €350 million fund for early stage companies and Index partner Mike Volpi tells Fortune that the firm is no longer focusing on cleantech investments.

All Time Inc. iPad Magazine Apps Now Free for Print Subscribers

Time Inc. reached an agreement with Apple that allows U.S. print subscribers of Time Inc.’s magazines to get access to iPad versions for free. Instead of paying $4.99 per iPad issue, digital and print editions instead now cost about $0.28 per month via print subscription.

Fortune Confirms Verizon iPhone

Fortune magazine today has joined the cavalcade of mainstream media outlets which have confirmed that a Verizon iPhone is in fact a certainty. And it’s coming in 2011, so in case you had any lingering doubts, banish them.