Meta Watch smartwatch, platform breaks out from Fossil

The Meta Watch team, as well as the business assets and IP, have broken off from Fossil to further develop the connected watch platform. The focus of the private company is unchanged: To create an open, wireless platform for wearable, information at a glance.

Will Texas Instruments Power Your Next Watch?

Consumers may not be quite ready for wearable computers, but watch-maker Fossil, along with Texas Instruments, thinks the time is near. The Meta Watch arrives in July for $200 and acts as a wearable computer that pairs with your smartphone for email, alerts and more.

Fossil Nevada: Field Bag (Not Man Purse) of Choice

Yes, I sometimes carry a man purse, or murse. Let me phrase that more appropriately– I carry a “field bag”. My field bag of choice is the Fossil Nevada field bag, which is easily the best gear bag I’ve ever used. It looks so manly, too.