Wearable design, Misfit and the age of the glanceable UI

A second generation of wearable computing is emerging that focuses on design and a so-called glanceable UI. Valley startup Misfit Wearables is leading the charge, and trying to create a new type of user experience.

Vicarious gets $15M to search for the key to artificial intelligence

Founders Fund and Dustin Moskovitz’s Good Ventures have led a $15 million round in a company that is trying to replicate the intelligence of the human brain in software. Vicarious’ goal is to help humanity thrive by inventing the algorithm to create to intelligent machines.

Climate Corp. raises another $50M, led by Founders Fund

Turns out investors like the intersection of big data and weather. On Thursday morning six-year-old Climate Corporation announced that it has raised another round of $50 million, led by the Founders Fund and including existing investors.

Marc Samwer out as Groupon’s international boss

After enduring a torrid few months, Groupon has confirmed a shakeup of its international business, bringing in a new chief to oversee operations outside America. But why has outgoing chief Marc Samwer been replaced?

How ResearchGate plans to turn science upside down

The tools that have revolutionized the way we live are only just starting to have an impact on scientific research. Now ResearchGate — the “Facebook of science” — is hoping to speed up the change, with a new round of investment from Founders Fund to make it work.