Fox Mobile Launches Its Mobile Hulu Lookalike, BitBop

Fox Mobile is rolling out its subscription mobile video service BitBop, making a wide range of TV content available on Blackberry mobile phones. The service, which costs $9.99 a month, includes full-length TV shows available for streaming or download on WiFi or 3G networks.

Vid-Biz: Fox Mobile, Rogers Online, Clearleap

Today on the Net: Fox Mobile launches a Hulu lookalike for mobile devices with 25 content partners, Rogers formally launches its On Demand Online TV Everywhere service with 1,500 hours of content and Mediacom taps Clearleap to manage VOD and ads in its local markets

Vid-Biz: The CW, Bitbop, Piracy

CW to Double Ad Load in Its Web Shows; the CW Network plans to put as many ads in Web versions of its shows as it airs on TV. (The Wall Street Journal)

Bitbop: Is This the Hulu of Mobile?; Fox Mobile unveiled Bitbop this week — and if you can get past the fact that you’re actually going to have to pay for this content, it’s shaping up to be a pretty promising service. (Engadget)

James Cameron: Innovation Trumps Digital Piracy; Avatar director says the key to combating digital piracy in the movie industry is to use technology to create an experience that is unmatched anywhere other than the theater. (CNET)

Big Content: Stopping P2P Should Be “Principal Focus” of IP Czar; according to the RIAA, MPAA, Directors Guild, Screen Actors Guild and others, new Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel should embark on nothing less than a quest to “push back the tide of copyright theft.” (Ars Technica)

Virgin Media To Create Canvas Rival; according to Virgin Media media relations head Asam Ahmad, the company’s partnership with TiVo has the potential to create a service where the Internet and TV content are combined on one screen. (Tech Watch)

Belgacom TV Experiments with 3D Football; the IPTV provider is experimenting with 3-D recording of the Belgian national football league in cooperation with partners Samsung and Outside Broadcast. (Broadband TV News)

AT&T’s 3G Network is Falling Short for Premium MMOD iPhone App; Based on reports, it appears that AT&T is falling short of being able to support streaming on the MMOD iPhone app, with video quality highly inconsistent or just plain unavailable. (VideoNuze)