Dish and Fox end carriage dispute, Fox News returns to Dish

The blackout of Fox News and Fox Business News on Dish is coming to an end: Dish and Fox “have agreed to the major terms of a new long term agreement” that will bring the news network back to Dish, according to a statement released by the satellite TV operator, which noted that there are still a few things up in the air: “We are working with Fox on a few contractual details but we are optimistic that these channels will be restored very quickly.”

Fox confirmed the agreement with a news release, but noted that “terms of the agreement were not disclosed.”

Fox News and Fox Business went dark on Dish in late December after both sides failed to agree on terms to renew their carriage agreement. At the time, Dish complained that Fox was trying to add other channels to the bundle that hadn’t been part of the original agreement.

“It’s like we’re about to close on a house and the realtor is trying to make us buy a new car as well,” said DISH’s senior vice president of programming Warren Schlichting back then. It’s unclear whether the new agreement includes any of those additional channels, or just the two channels that went off the air in December.

Also unclear is whether the impending agreement includes any additional digital rights. Dish officially announced its Sling TV streaming service last week, and has plans to sell consumers an add-on news package for $5 per month on top of a $20 base subscription. At this point, that news package looks fairly slim with Bloomberg being the only actual news network. Adding Fox News to that mix would certainly help Dish to make a better case for Sling TV.

Fox’s bloody t-shirt: Newtown images show risks of automated ads

A Fox news story about the Newtown tragedy came with an ad for a bloody t-shirt while Facebook showed an ad for a shooting game. In the past, editors could have screened these ads — this is less possible online where fewer humans are involved in the ad-buying process.

Cenk Uygur: Glenn Beck doesn’t get the Internet

It’s no surprise that Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks doesn’t like Glenn Beck’s politics. However, Uygur also thinks that Beck doesn’t get online video. Uygur recently signed up with YouTube for its new content initiative instead of relying on a pay wall like Beck.

How profitable is Glenn Beck’s new web TV venture?

Is Glenn Beck ready to make $100 million with his new subscriber-only web TV venture, or is he barely breaking even? The answer depends very much on who you ask. However, Beck’s numbers don’t look all that bad when compared to some new cable TV properties.

How Glenn Beck wants to disrupt cable

Glenn Beck is back: The controversial TV pundit is launching his own online TV network this week, promising to relaunch his daily TV show in September on the Internet. However, GBTV won’t be free: Subscribers will have to pay between $5 and $10 per month.

Where to Watch Election Day 2010 Results Online

While the stakes for this election might not be quite as high as they were in 2008, any political junkie knows that this year’s results could have a major impact on national and local politics — and there are plenty of options for watching the action online.

Schmidt Says Google TV Ads Will Be a Cash Machine

In an interview with Fox Business Network, Eric Schmidt said Google TV is about “building a platform with millions of people using these technologies” and that thanks to the ability to target advertising, ads on the new Google service “should be worth a lot of money.”